Wednesday 1 March 2017

Bird Watching - What to Look for in Binoculars

Bird watching is a great hobby for people of all ages and there are some who are so into bird watching that they travel the world hoping to get a glance at a particular species of bird. Having a great pair of bird watching binoculars will help to ensure your chances of not only spotting a specific species of bird will also help you in identifying them and getting information about them. Having the right binoculars may also help you identify a new species or see a rare bird. When looking for bird watching binoculars you may also see that they have a different name, which are bird binoculars.
There are three things that every bird watching binoculars should include which are:
• Focus - having good focus will let you get a detailed image of a particular bird or object that is very sharp. This is very important especially when the bird you are watching is fifteen feet or less away. The best binoculars to give you that sharp clear image are the ones with minimum close focus along with a central focus because birds do not stay still but are always on the move. Having a central focus will enable you to turn the focus smoothly with your index finger.
• Magnification - when choosing such binoculars check to make sure that the magnification is either 10X, 8X, or 7X. The higher the magnification the closer view of the bird you will have. There is one drawback with higher magnifications and that is it gives you a narrower field of view. The best option is to choose a magnification in the middle like 8X magnification.
• Objective lens diameter - the reason this is an important part of such binoculars is this is the place where any light enters your binoculars. Choose a big lens because that will let more light in and make your bird's color more vibrant and brighter. It will also help to enhance the details of the birds. Unfortunately with big lenses it is going to add weight to your binoculars and make them heavier to carry. The most popular size of objective lenses is a forty millimeter lens.
A good pair of bird watching binoculars can cost you between fifty and two hundred dollars. If you want binoculars that are technologically advanced they can cost you as much as five hundred dollars.
Five of the top brands of bird watching binoculars include:
• Nikon Action Extreme 7 X 35 ATB Binoculars
• Bushnell 8 X 4 Bird Watching Binoculars
• Nikon 10 X 42 EDG Binoculars
• PENTAX DCF CS 8X 42 Binoculars
• Swarovski 10 X 32 EL 32 Traveler Binoculars