Wednesday 1 March 2017

What Does iOS 10 Bring for App Developers?

Announced at WWDC 2016, iOS 10 introduced a plethora of changes for the developers, the most significant revamp since 2013. The SDK for iOS 10 brings in new APIs and services that lead to new application types and features. In order to work on iOS 10, one would need to do the programming using Swift 3 and also download Xcode 8 for building the iOS applications. Let's focus on the key developed related features that have been introduced in iOS 10.
Improved User notifications
iOS 10 marks the advent of the User Notification framework (UserNotifications.framework) and User Notifications UI framework and end to UILocalNotification. The User Notification framework helps in supporting and handling remote as well as local notifications. Developers can use the classes of the framework for modifying remote and local notifications as they are delivered to the device. The appearance of local and remote notifications can be customized with help of User Notifications UI framework. With help of these two frameworks, Apple has not changed the overall local notifications but has significantly improvised the functionalities.
The biggest change by the new notification system is that it brings in an intermediary between message arrival and device display- a notification service provider capable of end-to-end encryption with app receiving the encrypted message from Apple, decryption happening on the user device and displaying the notification in the notification center.
Enhanced iMessage
A plethora of APIs has been introduced in iOS 10 especially enhancements to Messages App. App extensions can interact with Message app and users can send media files, interactive messages, stickers. The Sticker pack brings in a set of stickers to the message content. iMessage app not only helps users search images but also provides a user interface within the app.
From the development perspective, the custom interface for the messages can be made with help of MSMessagesAppViewController. MSSession and MSMessage could help in the modification of the message, with former having built-in support for expiring messages. In order to provide a custom sticker browser to the message application, MSStickerBrowserViewController can be used.
As witnessed, the new and improved Messages extensions are better and more powerful.
Changes in Animations
In iOS 10, better control over animations is established. The capability to control animate properties like the resume, stop or positions are fine-grained in iOS 10. UIViewPropertyAnimator is the important class which helps in creating and triggering the animations.
Speech Recognition
A new API is brought in which supports continuous speed recognition. This helps developers in building new apps for recognizing speech and transcribing it to text. Most of the magic is done with help of APIs in Speech framework, especially with classes such as SFSpeechRecognizer, SFSpeechURLRecognitionREquest, SFTranscription etc.
Integration with Siri
Get integrated with Siri for most apps like messages, calling, payments, photos etc. iOS 10 now let users use their voice to perform actions and all these is achieved with help of Sirikit. The concerned domains need to be registered with response done.
For non-graphical intents, developers need to make use of Apple Maps whereas for graphical intents also known as Intents UI extensions, developers can extend the user interface for the interface design.
ReplayKit gets better
iOS 10 has bought new enhancements to the ReplayKit introduced in iOS 9 I.e introduction of live broadcasting of Replaykit streams, which means a user can broadcast media through other sites or applications and broadcast US extension which helps user sign into a service and set up a broadcast. Developers need to create RPBroadcastActivityViewController to allow users to select the streaming service that would love to use. The action would return RPBroadcastController that helps in starting, pausing live broadcasts.
There are smaller other improvements and some of them are
  1. Enable property for Safari content blockers in order to verify the content blockerhas been switched on by the user.
  2. The openURL() method of UIApplication is now considered as obsolete.application(_:open:options:) needs to use instead.
  3. New property set enabled for UIPasterboard for handling cross-platform clipboard between iOS and macOS.
  4. SKTileGroup class has been provided to SpriteKit in order to make square,hexagonal, or isometric tilemaps.
  5. For smoother scrolling, prefetchDataSource can help in preloading content.

4 Things You Should Never Forget When Planning A Tour

It can be so much fun to tour a destination that you have always wanted to visit. It becomes even more fulfilling when you choose private tours over group tours because this way you get undivided attention and you have all the time to explore your favorite spots at your own pace. However, there are a few important things that holidaymakers and travelers forget to remember yet they can determine how enjoyable or frustrating the tour ends up becoming. These are the things you really do not want to forget the next time you are planning for an amazing tour to your desired destination.
1. Weather - It is a commonly forgotten element in travel yet very important. Warm, friendly weather often attract more people and this means that you should be ready to keep up with how busy the destination might be in good weather. Chilly weather on the other hand may also be suitable for those looking to enjoy season specific activities during the tour. The weather conditions are not only helpful in making sure you get to your destination when the time is right, but it is also an element that comes in handy in helping you pack for the tour and make the right arrangements on the ground for easy comfortable experience.
2. Rules and warnings - If you are travelling to a new destination make sure that you understand what is expected of you once you get there. Disposing rubbish on the streets, dipping feet in fountains or even wearing clothes considered inappropriate are some of the things that can land you in trouble or make your touring experience very unpleasant in some destinations. Some areas may have security warnings, meaning that you need to be extra careful with your valuables. The more you know about the locality, the better prepared you will be for your tour so you enjoy the most rewarding one in the end.
3. Costs - They go beyond your ticket and accommodation. You must think about eating costs and things like cost of souvenirs you wish to take back home with you. If you have selected a private tour, the costs for your guide may fall on you and you should be aware of this when planning for your tour. It is also true that some areas may be free to visit, whereas others come with fees, you need to pay before gaining access. The best you can do is to know expected costs of the tour in detail. When you know the kind of tour you want, then it becomes very easy to create the most suitable budget for the same.
4. Travel season - Touring during periods with festivals and different local celebrations can be an amazing way of exploring a destination and learning a few things about the culture and heritage. It however may mean pricier offers and deals because of the high numbers of tourists. Off peak season may be less crowded and cheaper, but there could be limits as to what you can enjoy. Choose the most appropriate time to travel depending on your expectations.

Hawaii Wedding Locations - Maui

Of all the destinations in the United States, Hawaii Wedding Locations and especially Maui will by far surpass your dreams! Wedding Planners in Maui have the experience with the best locations, making selecting the best venue for your special day a breeze.
Why not combine your Maui Wedding and Honeymoon into one trip? Hawaii Wedding Packages can range from the very simple to the simply extravagant; remember, this is your dream day!
Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations - Maui
All Maui Beaches are open to the public and they are abundant. The shores of South Maui, including Kihei and Wailea are prime spots for Sunset Beach Weddings in Hawaii. There are numerous long stretches of sand, parks overlooking the beach and tiny hidden coves, surrounded by lava rock and tropical plants.
The West side beaches of Kaanapali, Lahaina, Na Pili and even Kahana are the perfect place for morning Maui Beach Weddings as well as sunset weddings for smaller groups. The mornings offer empty stretches of sand, calm, clear waters and little to no wind, especially in the early mornings.
Maui Wedding Flowers for beach weddings often include flower circles and flower hearts for the happy couple to stand in as they share their wedding vows, adding a touch of romance and color for your wedding photography and just a little something special.
Hawaii Tropical Garden Weddings
Very romantic Tropical Garden sites are available in both public and exclusive spots and are ideal for small and large groups alike. Offering unsurpassed ocean views, privacy and a variety of landscapes for your Wedding Photography.
For couples enjoying a romantic Hawaiian getaway far from the resorts, staying Upcountry in Kula or Pukalani, Maui wedding plans on the peaceful grounds of a lavender farm or Maui's winery allow for an almost surreal setting. The rolling green fields and panoramic ocean views will enhance the ambiance of any wedding!
Maui Helicopter Wedding Hawaii
If you are you an adventurous couple, why not opt for the excitement of having your Maui Wedding on a secluded seaside cliff or a Hidden Waterfall Wedding? Imagine, the cascading water falls in the background, tropical plants and lava rock provide a surreal setting and all stand ready as the bride and her party arrive from the skies with a dramatic entrance with a private Helicopter Flight as your Hawaii Wedding Photographer catches every moment!
Maui Wedding at a Private Estate
For larger or more formal wedding parties, private estates offer the best of everything. These provide a perfect setting for both wedding ceremony and reception while enabling your Hawaii Wedding Planner to create a completely customized and ultra romantic setting for both.
These locations are also some of the best Maui wedding reception places in Hawaii. Wedding Receptions at these estates can include full-service seated dinners, private Hawaiian Luaus, hors d' oeuvres and cocktails or even a variety of food stations with offering a host of local delicacies offered by a professional Maui Wedding Caterer or personal chef.
Include a dance floor with a DJ, Jazz Combo, a full band or just a roving Hawaiian Duo on guitar and Ukulele with Hula Dancers to entertain as you dine and dance the night away to your favorite wedding songs!
Hawaii Resort Weddings on Maui
Numerous resort settings also enable couples to have more customized celebrations. With gazebos, waterfalls, wedding chapels, little gardens and hidden foot bridges, setting a luxurious stage for both wedding and reception is easily accomplished.
A variety of in-room pampering services allow the bride to sit back and relax while you have a manicure and pedicure, personal hairstylist and even a massage before donning your wedding dress and making a grand entrance!
Your wedding consultant can also bring your dreams to life with the addition of personalized wedding favors, place settings, the best in wedding cake design, tropical Maui wedding flowers and other d├ęcor created by the very best Hawaii Wedding Florist.
Hawaii Wedding Churches and Chapels
Looking for a Maui Destination Wedding in a church? The Wailea Seaside Chapel is a combination of New England and Hawaiian architectural influences. The wedding chapel features beautiful hardwoods, Italian glass chandeliers, a vaulted ceiling, and brilliant stained-glass murals.
Holy Innocent's Chapel is a lovely, open-air church with a beautiful garden setting overlooking the ocean. While it is a more casual setting, the hand-painted murals and rich fragrance from the abundant Plumeria trees make this a delightful place to exchange your wedding vows.
Keawala'i Church, also known as Makena Church is a lovely chapel situated literally steps away from the ocean. The church was built in 1855 entirely lava rock and coral, and sits on a tranquil sandy cove, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Whether you dream of a simple sunset wedding on the beach with just the two of you or a lavish wedding ceremony and reception with all the frills, any couple would be sure to find their fantasies come to life by planning Destination Weddings in Maui!

Bird Watching - What to Look for in Binoculars

Bird watching is a great hobby for people of all ages and there are some who are so into bird watching that they travel the world hoping to get a glance at a particular species of bird. Having a great pair of bird watching binoculars will help to ensure your chances of not only spotting a specific species of bird will also help you in identifying them and getting information about them. Having the right binoculars may also help you identify a new species or see a rare bird. When looking for bird watching binoculars you may also see that they have a different name, which are bird binoculars.
There are three things that every bird watching binoculars should include which are:
• Focus - having good focus will let you get a detailed image of a particular bird or object that is very sharp. This is very important especially when the bird you are watching is fifteen feet or less away. The best binoculars to give you that sharp clear image are the ones with minimum close focus along with a central focus because birds do not stay still but are always on the move. Having a central focus will enable you to turn the focus smoothly with your index finger.
• Magnification - when choosing such binoculars check to make sure that the magnification is either 10X, 8X, or 7X. The higher the magnification the closer view of the bird you will have. There is one drawback with higher magnifications and that is it gives you a narrower field of view. The best option is to choose a magnification in the middle like 8X magnification.
• Objective lens diameter - the reason this is an important part of such binoculars is this is the place where any light enters your binoculars. Choose a big lens because that will let more light in and make your bird's color more vibrant and brighter. It will also help to enhance the details of the birds. Unfortunately with big lenses it is going to add weight to your binoculars and make them heavier to carry. The most popular size of objective lenses is a forty millimeter lens.
A good pair of bird watching binoculars can cost you between fifty and two hundred dollars. If you want binoculars that are technologically advanced they can cost you as much as five hundred dollars.
Five of the top brands of bird watching binoculars include:
• Nikon Action Extreme 7 X 35 ATB Binoculars
• Bushnell 8 X 4 Bird Watching Binoculars
• Nikon 10 X 42 EDG Binoculars
• PENTAX DCF CS 8X 42 Binoculars
• Swarovski 10 X 32 EL 32 Traveler Binoculars

Reading And Your Eye Health - Posture Tips For Better Vision

Reading is a favorite American pastime. The benefits of reading are not limited to improving your vocabulary but this enjoyable activity has some entertainment value. For instance, novels with interesting plots create excitement and intrigue with our reading material as the story lines that are unfolding begin to take on surprising and unexpected twists and turns. However, while you read it is important to be aware of certain vision health habits that can end up either improving your vision health or making it worse. Some of these visual habits are good for your eyes while others are not. One example of a bad visual habit while reading that has a negative effect on eye health is poor posture. Therefore, here are some reasons why poor posture while reading has a negative effect on your eye health. Additionally, here are some tips on what you can do to replace bad visual habits while reading with good ones to maintain healthier eyesight.
When you are reading it is important to sit in an upright position. This is due to the fact that reading with your head slumped down causes the pull of gravity on your eyeballs to have a negative effect on your eyesight. This exertion of gravity on the eyeballs creates tension and strain in the eye muscles. This results in a series of negative effects on eye health. According to Dr. Sasaki, an eye doctor specializing in the field of natural eye care, this result in eye fatigue, eye strain and stress and tension in the eye muscles.
Another negative effect of poor posture while reading on eye health is the development of Myopia as the pull of gravity on the eyeballs increases stress and tension in the eye muscles. Once this habit is continued on a regular basis it can lead to the weakening of the eye muscles and also causes the lengthening of the eyeballs; one of the factors that leads to the development of myopia.
You can prevent this problem by sitting upright while reading. Try to avoid slumping or bending your head down when reading. Instead, sit upright in a comfortable position and hold your reading material at a parallel position about 20 inches from your eyes.
Another good visual habit that you can put into practice while reading is to avoid holding your reading material much closer than 20 inches from your eyes. This is due to the fact that keeping it much closer will put a lot of strain on your eye muscles and worsens your eyesight. Also, you can practice alternating your focus while reading from your reading material to an object in the distance about 10 feet away at regular 20 minutes intervals for 10 seconds. This relieves eye strain and releases stress and tension in the visual system for better eye health. By putting these good visual habits into practice you can increase your vision health while reading and improve and protect your vision from bad eyesight for years to come.

Selecting The Right Cad Software

When it comes to CAD drawings software, there are plenty of options to think about. You want a program that is up to date, easy to use, and offers the best possible features. Don't settle for anything less than that! Shop around to find a good fit so you can get results you are proud of. You shouldn't be settling for anything that makes getting your work done a struggle.
Free versus Paid
Some people bypass all the free CAD drawings software because they assume it won't work well or there will be hidden fees. Sometimes that is true, but not all the providers go that route. Some of them are honest and really want to offer you remarkable software without a cost. It is worth it to check them out and see what is available.
If you need advanced features or customised CAD drawings software, compare the prices offered. It is important to make sure you get a very good deal for the best possible price. Don't assume paying top dollar is going to give you the best resource. Compare reputation, features, ease of use, and other information to help you make a last decision.
Current Features
Take a close look at the current features the CAD drawings software offers. Are they reasonably going to be enough for you to complete your tasks? The program should help you to be efficient and save time. It should help you to carry out tasks with results that look professional and offer realistic information.
It is important to get CAD drawings software offering you the very best features possible. This is a realm that changes often and you want to be on the cutting edge of it. Otherwise, your work is going to be less than what others are able to give. Look for a product that implements all the research and technology available.
Try it!
If there is a free demo offered, you should give it a try! This will help you to decide if the program has what you need. Try out a variety of features so you can see how they work. Is there a built-in help section? Is it easy to navigate? Does the material open quickly and can you save what you are working on with ease?
The answers to such questions will play a role in how well the CAD drawings software holds up for you over the long-term. Don't work with something that is lacking in areas you will need as it is going to hinder your progress. It is also going to result in more time being spent on each project. Part of the reason to use such software is to get better results in less time.
Customer Support
Only use software that offers you excellent customer support. They should be available to you around the clock. This means any time you have a question or a problem they can jump in and help you. The last thing you want is the project put on delay because you have to wait for their normal business hours.
There should be several ways for you to reach the support team. This includes by phone, email, or online chat. Look for a provider with excellent reviews in customer service. It is very frustrating when you need help and you feel like you are being ignored or getting the round around.
It is wise to rely on CAD software that offers free updates. This ensures you have the most current features available to you. It also means you don't have to switch programs again in the near future.

How to Choose a Five Star Hotel

Choosing to stay in a luxurious five star hotel, enables you to have a holiday or business travel with ease, convenience, comfort and style. Whether you are planning your honeymoon and are looking for something special or you just want to know you will get the best service from the establishment during your stay, the hotel you choose should be determined by a number of factors.
The first thing you will find is that there are so many options in each location when it comes to five star hotels. These hotels are often chain hotels, with excellent reputations throughout the world, along with outstanding facilities. There are independently owned options which have also worked hard behind the scenes to secure their five star status. Don't only go for one option, have a look at the variety available so you can make the best decision to ensure your holiday goes according to plan.
Consider the type of experience you are hoping for. Do you want a city break, where you can view some of the top sights in capital cities, or do you want to spend a relaxing week by the ocean or skiing on snowy peaks? Maybe you're travelling for business and want to be close to the business hub with ease access to public transport, making it easier for you to get from one appointment to the next in a busy and bustling city.
Take the accommodation options into consideration. Do you prefer the idea of a comfortable and spacious en-suite room or do you need a suite, where you have separate living areas to make your stay that extra special? Ensure that any five star hotels you choose provide the type of accommodation you are looking for, so you know your stay will be comfortable and tick the boxes that are important to you when staying at any hotel at any time.
With all this taken into consideration, you will now want to take a closer look at the facilities and services offered by the five star hotel. Do they offer access to a fitness centre? Do they have a wellness centre offering a host of treatments? What about a restaurant, lounge, bar? Do they provide meeting areas and rooms, so you can hold a meeting at your hotel with ease? Ensure the facilities on offer are ones that will make your stay enjoyable.
The location of the hotel is exceptionally important. You can find five star hotels throughout the world in city locations and seaside locations, but if you are looking for a place which gives you easy access to public transport, somewhere where you can visit the local sights and attractions with ease or it is set in a place where you can get to meetings without having to struggle and get frustrated before your day even starts.
When choosing a five star hotel, even though you know they provide luxury and comfort along with all the modern conveniences, you still want to check to ensure that they have a good reputation with visitors from around the world. The only way to do this is to make use of the internet. Type the hotel name into your search box and go through the results. Look for independent review sites, such as Trip Advisor, where you can read honest feedback from past guests, helping you ensure you will receive the best quality service and accommodation when staying at the hotel you are thinking of booking.
About Us: Canary Riverside Plaza is a world class hotel located in the prestigious Canary Wharf in London. Set minutes from the Thames River, in the heart of the business district. This elegant and luxurious hotel caters to families, couples, singles and business travellers who want to be in the perfect location when visiting this top city. Canary Riverside Plaza offers elegant rooms, well-appointed with modern conveniences, including free Wi-Fi. The hotel also offers access to the Virgin Active Gym and there is a wellness centre on-site. In addition to this, the hotel offers twenty four hour room service to all one hundred and forty two luxury rooms. To find out more or to make a booking, visit

Five Tips for Buying a New Mattress

Mattresses are long-term and often expensive investments, and it is wise to take plenty of time when deciding on a new one. Make sure you're getting the right set, especially since it's such a costly household item. Here are five tips to make the process much easier.
(1) Try It Out
This may seem obvious, but it's important to lie down on the mattress and make sure that it works for you, especially if the bed will be used by a couple. There are many variables when it comes to comfort. If one person enjoys a firmer set and another a softer set, it will be imperative that the store allows customers to test each option in order to find the exact right balance. Investing in a mattress that allows each side to change its firmness and incline may be a good compromise.
(2) Think About Your Bedding
New mattresses are often deeper than older versions; some pillow-top options can be up to 14 inches deep. An upgrade may mean purchasing all new bedding, specifically deep fitting sheets. Also, many comforters may not cover the entire side of the bed if the set is over 14 inches. This could require one to go up in size. For example, purchasing a king size duvet for a deep queen size mattress would look better than a queen duvet that happens to be too short.
(3) Budget Wisely
A purchase like this one is an important investment. Prices can vary widely, and some even reach thousands of dollars. Make sure that you choose the best set that is within your budget. Your bed is something you will use every single day, and it definitely has an impact on your physical health and rest. Keeping this in mind, it's smart to save money for quality bedding.
(4) Decide on a Material
There are so many options when getting a new bed, from memory foam to latex to waterbeds. There are even hybrid options, such as latex and memory foam together. Waterbeds are definitely not for everyone, and they often don't provide enough support. Some materials, like memory foam, are hotter than others and wear differently through the years. This is why it's crucial to go through all options before making the purchase.
(5) Get a Good Warranty
Warranties vary widely from store to store, as well as between manufacturers. Since this is an item that can sometimes wear quickly, it's a good idea to get a warranty that is good for five years or longer. Also, be sure to ask exactly what is covered by the warranty. Some warranties only cover replacements under certain circumstances.
With these simple tips, you can make your next mattress buying experience a smooth process.

Waste Management Solutions: Five Crafty Ways To Reuse Plastic

Every year there is approximately 333,557 tons of plastic waste tossed into the ocean. Plastic pollution is a toxic hazard that threatens the habitats of ocean and land wildlife. In addition, the mass production of plastic contributes to the dilution of natural resources and increases the burning of fossil fuels.
Waste management companies across the globe are seeing an uptick in plastic pollution-and most are encouraging people to avoid it. Sometimes, plastic is unavoidable-however reusing it can minimize production which is important for the environment. Here's a look at five crafty ways to reuse plastic materials.
1. Refill Plastic Jugs
Milk jugs, plastic orange juice cartons, and gallon water jugs are great for lemonades and punches. Although it's encouraged not to use them for drinking too long, it doesn't mean you have to throw them right in the recycling bin. Fill them with non-consumable items such as glue, dishwashing detergent, or an anti-freeze mix.
2. Make Plastic Bags Useful
One of the biggest headaches for a waste management company is plastic bags. Most of these bags aren't biodegradable and eventually will end up in oceans or streams. Plastic bags can be used for a variety of projects, including:
- Carrying school lunches
- Making fashionable purses and bags
- Worn as booties over shoes
- Piping bags for cake decoration
The most damaging type of plastic bags come from the grocery store. Avoid using them by purchasing reusable shopping bags or asking the cashier for a paper option.
3. Turn Water Bottles Into Wire
Every day, people throw away thousands of plastic water bottles that end up in a waste management facility or landfill. Water and small plastic soda bottles are comprised of a thicker plastic and are perfect for making wire. Use industrialized scissors, wire cutters, or a utility knife to cut thick or thin strips of plastic. These makeshift wires are great and prevent purchasing and using plastic zip ties.
4. Keep the Bottle Caps
Caps from soda bottles and plastic jugs are hard to recycle-however, they can be used for an assortment of projects. Conserving bottle caps can be useful for things such as:
- Creating a push cushion ring for sewing
- Decorative art projects
- Making jewelry such as earrings, rings, and necklaces
- Fusing them together to make pill holders
Most bottle caps aren't biodegradable and linger in a waste management facility for awhile. Large bottle caps can also be used as a buffer between furniture legs and flooring-especially fine grain wood and carpets.
5. Turn Two-Liter Bottles Into Planters
Two-liter bottles have an array of uses. A popular option is cutting it in half and using the top piece as a funnel. However, the bottom half of a two-liter bottle can be used to create a planter. Plastic planters are great for small plants such as herbs and succulents.
Alternatives to Reducing Plastic Waste
Waste management companies, scientists, and environmentalists can agree that plastic waste is a growing problem for Mother Earth. Reusing plastic materials isn't always a viable option, however, there are alternative means such as recycling, using glass and ceramics, and avoiding the purchase of non-recyclable plastic items.