Wednesday 1 March 2017

Reading And Your Eye Health - Posture Tips For Better Vision

Reading is a favorite American pastime. The benefits of reading are not limited to improving your vocabulary but this enjoyable activity has some entertainment value. For instance, novels with interesting plots create excitement and intrigue with our reading material as the story lines that are unfolding begin to take on surprising and unexpected twists and turns. However, while you read it is important to be aware of certain vision health habits that can end up either improving your vision health or making it worse. Some of these visual habits are good for your eyes while others are not. One example of a bad visual habit while reading that has a negative effect on eye health is poor posture. Therefore, here are some reasons why poor posture while reading has a negative effect on your eye health. Additionally, here are some tips on what you can do to replace bad visual habits while reading with good ones to maintain healthier eyesight.
When you are reading it is important to sit in an upright position. This is due to the fact that reading with your head slumped down causes the pull of gravity on your eyeballs to have a negative effect on your eyesight. This exertion of gravity on the eyeballs creates tension and strain in the eye muscles. This results in a series of negative effects on eye health. According to Dr. Sasaki, an eye doctor specializing in the field of natural eye care, this result in eye fatigue, eye strain and stress and tension in the eye muscles.
Another negative effect of poor posture while reading on eye health is the development of Myopia as the pull of gravity on the eyeballs increases stress and tension in the eye muscles. Once this habit is continued on a regular basis it can lead to the weakening of the eye muscles and also causes the lengthening of the eyeballs; one of the factors that leads to the development of myopia.
You can prevent this problem by sitting upright while reading. Try to avoid slumping or bending your head down when reading. Instead, sit upright in a comfortable position and hold your reading material at a parallel position about 20 inches from your eyes.
Another good visual habit that you can put into practice while reading is to avoid holding your reading material much closer than 20 inches from your eyes. This is due to the fact that keeping it much closer will put a lot of strain on your eye muscles and worsens your eyesight. Also, you can practice alternating your focus while reading from your reading material to an object in the distance about 10 feet away at regular 20 minutes intervals for 10 seconds. This relieves eye strain and releases stress and tension in the visual system for better eye health. By putting these good visual habits into practice you can increase your vision health while reading and improve and protect your vision from bad eyesight for years to come.